Easy POP3 Email Checker  v.1 2

Easy POP3 Email Checker is a Windows email notification program that constantly watches your POP3 email accounts for email FROM addresses and subjects and alerts you by playing a WAV sound file.

POP3 Collector  v.1.4.3

POP Collector is a freeware utility that downloads email from one or more POP3 mailboxes and forwards them to an SMTP server (tested against Exchange).


Vallen POP3 Mail Checker  v.2.30

Vallen POP3 Mail Checker is a simple email checker that enables you to preview and delete messages in your POP account, without having to download them into your email program. You can use it with multiple accounts.

Outlook Notify POP3  v.

This program is pop3 version for Outlook Notif, email notification utility for Outlook. So Microsoft still haven't included a notification tool that works when Outlook is closed?

K-POP, a modern POP3 Server  v.1

K-POP, A project to create a new, innovative, and flexible POP3 Server.

Perl Pop3 Server  v.

PerlPop3 is a pop3 server written entirely in Perl.

POP3 Spam Filter Proxy  v.1.2

POP3 Spam Filter Proxy is a multiuser POP3 proxy written in Java.

POP3/IMAP Access Limiter  v.1.0

A daemon that provides a method to track generic POP3 or IMAP logins and then email (in future:also block) the user if they exceed the number of accesses per given minutes allowed.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA  v.0.2.1

gavamail is a POP3/IMAP server implemented in JAVA for reading your gmail e-mail with your favorite mail client.

Popsicle - pop3 add-on to SugarCRM  v.1.0

POP3 Add-on to SugarCRM system which enables auto import/download of e-mail into SugarCRM database.

Qt-Spaxy POP3 Filter  v.rc

Spaxy is a POP3 proxy for email classification.

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